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Meet Dan Vitchoff, Hypnotherapist, Mental Training & Performance Coach




Dan Vitchoff has years of experience practicing hypnotism. Whether to lose weight, stop smoking or control any other undesirable habit, Dan Vitchoff’s unique 33 Method has helped many and it can help you too.




What makes Dan Vitchoff different from the countless others is his work with Olympic athletes and their gold medal achievements. See why this work is so important and how it can work for you too!




Dan has created and patented his unique hypnotism style called the 33 Method which allows you to unlock your brain and get back the control you lost. Learn more at a FREE consultation.

Daniel S. Vitchoff, MSED., CHt. Board Certified Hypnotherapist and Mental Training and Performance Coach has dedicated his career to helping his clients and athletes make positive and permanent changes to their lives.   Vitchoff is native of California, PA currently resides in Pittsburgh, PA where he owns and operated PA Hypnosis Center, Pittsburgh’s Premier Hypnosis Center.  Vitchoff is a member in good standing with the National Guild of Hypnotists and has served as a Mental Coach for the 2008 and 2012 US Olympic Shooting Teams where his athletes won Three Gold Medals and broke 5 Olympic records.

Vitchoff is well regarded as one of the nations’s most sought after Mental Training Professionals which is a reflection on his ethics, hypnotism skills, and affiliation with nationally and internationally renowned professionals.  During his studies at Point Park University where he graduated with a degree in Psychology, Vitchoff learned to overcome his own learning disabilities by applying self-hypnosis and an accelerated learning program to improve his own concentration skills. His fascination for mental training arose out of his desire to improve himself but has since devoted his life to bringing improvement to the lives of others through his work at PA Hypnosis Center and Dan Vitchoff’s  33 Method Mental Training and Performance Coaching.

Vitchoff has a vast amount of knowledge and experience in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), he is a Certified NLP trainer and incorporates NLP and Visualization Exercises into his Mental Training Programs.  Vitchoff’s 33 Method Mental Training Programs such as the programs that he designed for his athletes address goal setting, behavior modification, personal change, eliminating negative thoughts and distractions, building self-confidence, enhancing memory, focus and concentration and improving training habits, behaviors and patterns.